About Us

Our Expertise in Turning Ideas into Exquisite Flooring Works!

Eilte Grass Carpets began as a tiny shop in 2022 and quickly developed to provide clients with easy access to their many stores throughout the UAE, offering them a comprehensive selection of flooring, including our in-house brand for the full retail market of the United Arab Emirates. We import high-quality products from India, Turkey, China, and Europe, all of which adhere to strict international quality standards. We have begun exporting our products to nations such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and the rest of the GCC, in addition to the wholesale and retail verticals. As a result, we are now known all over the world!

Our working process

Design Process

Our motivated staff explores diverse styles and ideas with zeal to generate designs that our clients desire

Budget planning

We will provide your desired flooring at a minimal cost and in a eco-friendly manner after measuring the area that has to be floored or carpeted

Our Supervision

We will oversee each stage by our team of highly qualified installers and you will be relieved to know that you have come to the right spot

Delivery and Installation

Because we deliver and install the best way, our aim is to make your place Spectacular by embracing the most recent flooring trends

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