Lvt Flooring

LVT (luxury vinyl tile) has gained significant popularity as a resilient flooring option. Composed of multiple layers of vinyl, it offers durability, moisture-resistance, and easy maintenance. Its versatility allows it to mimic the appearance of hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile, making it suitable for various spaces. Our experts in LVT flooring Dubai can guide you to find the perfect high-quality LVT flooring for your dream home.

LVT has found extensive use in commercial settings like airports, hotels, and hospitals due to its remarkable features. You can recreate the look of natural materials while benefiting from the durability and performance of LVT, particularly in commercial environments. The thickness of LVT ranges from 6-10 mm for residential usage and around 30 mm for commercial purposes, ensuring its suitability for any application. Experience the warmth and durability LVT brings to your dream home, making it an excellent flooring choice

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