PVC Flooring

Are you in search of PVC flooring suppliers in Dubai but find yourself puzzled by terms like Vinyl and PVC? Well, here’s a little secret – PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, often referred to as vinyl! Yes, that’s correct, PVC flooring is essentially the same as vinyl flooring. Polyvinyl chloride is just a more technical way of saying it!

PVC ranks as the third most produced plastic polymer globally. Beyond flooring, it finds utility in various other domains, including pipes, cladding, insulation, and even medical equipment. Because so many people are familiar with it, PVC flooring has essentially become a synonym for vinyl flooring.

The remarkable trait of PVC flooring is its resistance to scratches and water, all at a price point that is often significantly more budget-friendly than hardwood. Moreover, advancements in technology have empowered manufacturers to craft PVC flooring products that closely mimic the appearance and texture of authentic hardwood, stone, and ceramic tiles. To the untrained eye, distinguishing between vinyl flooring and genuine natural materials like wood, ceramic, or stone can be a challenge.

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