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Deck flooring that is designed to cover outdoor surfaces, WPC decking, also known as composite decking, is an outdoor wood flooring solution that blends plastic and wood components. Comprising 45% wood fibers and 55% HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), it forms a Wood Plastic Composite. Similar to luxury vinyl, WPC decking requires minimal maintenance, saving costs and safeguarding against termites. Easy to clean with soap and water, it adds elegance to balconies and outdoor spaces. UAE’s Deck Flooring offers effortless installation, and certain wood species like teak, iroko, and ipe are naturally resistant to external elements, eliminating the need for conservation treatments. Enhance your outdoor surfaces with durable and hassle-free WPC decking for a stunning transformation.
— Benefits of WPC Deck Flooring___
WPC deck flooring is gaining attention and the demand for WPC decking is expected to grow. It offers a list of advantages and is a rival to standard decking. Following are some of the benefits of WPC deck flooring.
1) Low Maintenance:
You don’t have to be worried about the staining and sanding of the WPC decking. The occasional soap and water cleaning is enough for effective maintenance. Walls can be decorated with deck tiles. Give a call to our deck flooring suppliers in Dubai to enhance your space.
2) Cost-Effective
Although WPC decking Dubai may cost more initially, it keeps an exceptional appearance year after year and requires almost no maintenance. So you can spend more time and money on other matters. WPC decking will last longer than its timber substitutes, which results in lower overall replacement and maintenance expenses.

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