Wpc Solid Deck Flooring
Introducing Wpc Solid Deck Flooring – a realm where innovation meets functionality. Also referred to as composite decking, it seamlessly amalgamates plastic and wood into an extraordinary fusion. With a formulation comprising 45% wood fibers and 55% HDPE, the acronym WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) symbolizes a marriage of strength and ingenuity. At the forefront, STORM unveils the Triton WPC range, fortified to an extent that a 10-year warranty shields against splitting, rotting, cracking, and decay. This resilience extends to resisting fading, staining, scratching, and more. Step into a world where outdoor allure merges with enduring strength
WPC Solid Deck
3D Teak
WPC Solid Deck
3D Brown
WPC Solid Deck
3D Maple
WPC Solid Deck
WPC Solid Deck
Data Sheet
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    Easy to Maintain
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